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>"Los Estados Unidos ayer y hoy " (reseña)

>”Los Estados Unidos ayer y hoy “
by Jorge Cárdenas Nannetti

The book is a brief review of some facts of the History of the country where the book is printed (USA). as the title settles it, it starts with the beginning, when the exiled and persecuted Europeans emigrated from their land and arrived to this continent, where a great deal of people already inhabitated it in a relative peace.
The (hi)story, you already know it, it’s somehow the same that the winners of the wars want the people to know. the author attepmts to expose objectively some History’s facts, but certainly he fails on it.

I’ts broadly well known that the USA expanded its former territory invading the lands of the natives, including the former and original americans and the Mexicans and spaniard settled in the lands that now belong to the south part of the States. Nannetti slighly elusively tells that part of the story.

I got to the point. Actually there ain’t no point on this pile of lies and brainwashing waste of paper bounded like a pretentious book.

The worst part of it, and which made me throw away the item is this one:
a) USA conceeded to Japan a generous bonification of 6 billion dolars instead of demand them to pay for war estipends.
The author adds: there never were an invader so generous and fair (sic)

b) USA gratiously gave to Phillipines the gift of freedom after II WW. –the author says… (p.466ss).
And who the hell, I wonder, stole this land from Spain and from the own inhabitatnts some few years later?

For godsake, the phillipine government to this very day doesn’t exists!! God, is a mere Puppet of the men in the Congress (you know which Congress).

c) Please listen to this inconcevaible lie: “After the drop of the 2 bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasahki (japan cities with a catholic majority, by the way), the US handed out to the ONU the whole information to make a nuclear bomb so this organization kept it under estrictly security and the humanity were saved of such a threath. Also, the states started to disarm them selfs”
(!!) Does this man, the author, lives in a nice castle in Disneyland or sort of?
Finally: “Then, after US gave the planes and the directions to make a n-bomb to the ONU, soviet spyes managed to copy the whole kit and 2 years later, they started to distort the peaceful atmosfere, and thanks to them, the armamentist carreer started. (!!!what???)

Who in the world would believe these bunch of nonesenses and distortions of reallity. What is he trying to sell out? The America? Is there any buyer out there? Does he think we remain in the deep darkness of ignorance just because the item is written in Spanish and we live in this marvellouse southern part of the world?
Do a favor your self: never but never buy this crap. If you see any copy around, just rip it off.

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